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Just one pack to create a five-star dish!
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🔵Product Name: The Master Xiao-Hun Spicy Oil (30 Packs)

🔵Net Weight: 5g per pack, total net weight of spicy oil in this box is 150g

🔵Country of Origin: Taiwan

🔵Beef Oil Origin: Taiwan

🔵Ingredients: Doubanjiang [salted chili pepper (chili pepper, salt), broad beans, salt], fragrant sesame oil (soybean oil, sesame oil), black bean sauce (genetically modified soybeans, salt, sugar), butter, black pepper powder, facing heaven pepper, onion, red carrot, Sichuan peppercorn, old ginger, garlic, small hot pepper, licorice, fermented black beans (black beans, salt), rice fermentation (sticky rice, yeast), Illicium verum, clove, cardamom, Angelica sinensis, cinnamon, star anise.

🔵Allergen Information: This product contains soybeans, broad beans, sesame, and their products. It is not suitable for those allergic to them.

🔵Storage: Keep unopened at room temperature and away from light; refrigerate after opening.

🔵Shelf Life: One year unopened

🔵Expiration Date: Please refer to the packaging for the date (year, month, day).

🔵Please consume as soon as possible after opening, do not use across meals.

🔵If you find any package damage, defects, or strange smell after opening, please do not consume it. Contact customer service, and we will replace the product for you.

🔵Black granules inside the spicy oil packet are natural Chinese medicinal herbs; please feel safe to consume.

🔵The manufacturing plant of this product has passed the ISO22000 & HACCP international quality certification.

🔵This product is insured with Fubon product liability insurance to protect consumer rights.

🔵Manufacturer or Responsible Company in Taiwan: The Master International Catering Marketing Co., Ltd.

🔵Manufacturer Registration Number: 50756086

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🔆免運說明|台灣本島地區滿699元免運費,未達免運門檻 $699,將加收運費(超商$65/宅配$80)
◼︎ 寄送時間為週一至週五
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◼︎ 訂單成立後,約2-3個工作日出貨
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