[Hong Kong Free Shipping] 90-Day Aged Thick Chicken Essence, 5 Packs x 2 Boxes (Total 10 Packs)

Odorless Aged Thick Chicken Essence - SO Thick! Delivered to Hong Kong with Free Shipping
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🔵Product Name: The Master Xiao-Hun 90-Day Aged Thick Chicken Essence, 5 Packs x 2 Boxes

🔵Volume: 60 mL per pack, total of 10 packs

🔵Country of Origin: Taiwan

🔵Ingredient List: Extract from Taiwan Red-Feathered Chicken

🔵Allergen Information: The production facility for this product processes fish and its products.

🔵Storage: Store at room temperature.

🔵Shelf Life: 18 months at room temperature.

🔵Expiration Date: As indicated on the packaging (Year/Month/Day).


  1. After opening, do not leave the product at room temperature for an extended period after heating, as it may oxidize and affect the flavor.
  2. This product undergoes high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization treatment and does not contain preservatives.
  3. Do not microwave the packaging of this product.
  4. If you find any defects in the product, if the aluminum bag is swollen, or if there is an unusual odor after opening, do not consume it.
  5. This product is made from pure natural extracts, and slight sedimentation is normal.
  6. It is not recommended for children under two years of age due to incomplete kidney development.
  7. For individuals with gout, hypertension, kidney disease, or autoimmune diseases, it is advisable to consult your doctor before use.
  8. Individuals with branched-chain amino acid urea cycle disorders (maple syrup urine disease) should avoid consumption.

🔵Manufacturer or Domestic Responsible Manufacturer Name: The Master International Catering Marketing Co., Ltd.

🔵Manufacturer Tax ID: 50756086


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